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HUTA ŁABĘDY S.A. (ŁABĘDY STEELWORKS) runs the following divisions:

  • Rolling Mill Department,
  • Department of Mining Products,
  • Tube Department,
  • Department of Shaped Sections,
  • Laboratory.

Rolling Mill Department
The Rolling Mill Department runs its operation externally to the Special Economic Zone of Katowice.
The department is furnished with a shape mill for production of section steel. The mill is mostly used to produce sections of the V, JŁ, KO (USG) types as well as sections for civil engineering structures – channel bars, I-bars and H-bars.
Rolled sections are subsequently handed over from the Rolling Mill Department as semiproducts to the Department of Mining Products for further processing.

Department of Mining Products
The Rolling Mill Department runs its operation within the Special Economic Zone of Katowice and is involved in manufacturing of final products for the mining sector. These products are finally fabricated in two manufacturing divisions: Division of Arc Bending and Division of Yokes.

Division of Arch Bending fabricates:
- modern series of roadway roof supports made of V-shaped sections (the V-shaped sections were developed by the Central Mining Institute in Katowice in cooperation with the Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy in Gliwice. These roof support arches are made of the most advanced steel grades, purposefully developed for mining arch supports, i.e. steel grades with enhanced strength parameters and improved immunity to corrosion, for instance S480W and S550W,
- arched components of roadway roof support for mining industry,
- shaped sections of the KO (USG),
- roof support systems for branching and crossing of roadway workings.
Division of Yokes fabricates two-yoke shackles of SD and SDO type, bow-shaped shackles, SV friction props, USG and V types of crossbars, flanged tubes and other accessories for the mining sector.

Department of Shaped Sections
This Department is incorporated into the Special Economic Zone in Katowice. The core business for the department consists in manufacturing of products for needs of the civil engineering sector and erection of steel structures.
The department has two modern technological plants:

- plant for longitudinal slitting of steel coils, designed for slitting of coiled steel with the thickness range from 3 to 12.7 mm,
- manufacturing plant for shaped sections to fabricate cold-bent hollow sections with square and longitudinal cross-sections. The hollow sections are welded with high frequency currents (HFW) and are manufactured with the cross-section ranges from 70x70 mm to 140x140 mm for products with square cross-sections and from 80x50 mm to 160x120 mm for products with rectangular cross-sections.

Tube Department
This Department is incorporated into the Special Economic Zone in Katowice.
The core business for the department consists in manufacturing of products for needs of heating engineering, transfer of liquid fuels as well as for civil engineering and erection of steel structures.
The product mix of the department incudes:
- steel tubes welded with electric currents (EXW) with frequencies above 100 kHz. Tubes are fabricated from hot-rolled stripes made of steel with low content of sulfur and high degree of purity, up to the X80 grade. The product mix comprises tubes with the range of outer diameters from 114.3 mm to 323.9 mm, with wall thickness from 3.0 mm to 12.7 mm and with the unit length from 6 m to 18.0 m, in line with requirements of both Polish and international standards, such as PN-EN ISO 3183, PN-EN 10217-1/2, PN-EN 10224 and PN-EN 10219-1/2,

- longitudinally seamed hollow sections made by cold bending of non-alloy and fine-grained structural steel. Hollow sections with square cross-section are fabricated within the dimension range from 90x90 mm to 250x250 mm and wall thickness from 3.0 to 12.5 mm. The dimensions of hollow sections with rectangular cross-sections range from 100x80 mm to 300x200mm with the wall thickness from 3.0 mm to 12.5 mm. The offered sections are manufactured of such steel grades as S235JRH, S275J0H; S275J2H; S355J0H; S355J2H; S355K2H according to requirements of the PN-EN 10219-1/2 standard.

Is capable of offering specialized services related to non-destructive tests of metals with the use of such methods as VT, MT, PT, UT, ST, HT, ETD, ETT as well as tests of static elongation, impact tests, metallographic investigation of microsections and tests of material hardness. For the entire scope of offered test methods the laboratory has accreditation issued by the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT).

Certificates and Quality
The manufacturing processes and products offered by HUTA ŁABĘDY S.A. are certified according to all applicable standards, including:

- Quality Management System according to ISO 9001,
- complete set of certificates for the ‘B’ safety marking granted for mining products,
- complete set of Compliance Certificates,
- ‘CE’ marking for shaped sections offered for civil engineering. 

Capital Group

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