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During this year’s edition of “Katowice 2017” International Fair of Mining, Power Industry and Metallurgy, HUTA ŁABĘDY S.A. signed a contract with Mechanic Group Association, a business partner from Kiev, for a pilot delivery of a bent roof support with accessories.

A 100-meter long roof support, completely equipped with ŁP type frames made from V21 sections, SD21 locks and struts, produced in Łabędy, is to be erected in one of the mines near Pavlograd in Ukraine. This is the effect of a dealership agreement signed in June by the parties.

“Huta Łabędy has already cooperated with partners in Ukraine. Unfortunately, the implementation of one of the large investments in the Donbass was interrupted by the war that broke out in that region. Now we are trying to return with our offer to that market, which is very interesting for us,” says Zenon Górniak, President of the Management Board of HUTA ŁABĘDY S.A.

On the initiative of HUTA ŁABĘDY, the representatives of the Ukrainian company Mechanic Group Association met with experts from the Central Mining Institute in Katowice, where they got acquainted with the certification process of the mill’s products. Acceptance of the certification conditions by the Ukrainian side is necessary for the final signing of the contract.

The pilot delivery is a harbinger of the return of HUTA ŁABĘDY S.A. on the Ukrainian market. If the parties come to an agreement, the contract will cover the sale of roof supports already from the fourth quarter of this year.

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