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High frequency welded tubes are manufactured at the most modern production department in Europe. The outer diameters of the tubes offered ranges from 114.3 mm to 323.9 and the wall thickness is up to 12.7mm. It is also possible to manufacture a single tube’s section in the range from 6 m to 18 m. The tubes are subject to leak testing, NDT ultrasonic or rotary current testing.

The tubes meet the following criteria
  • PN-EN 10217-3,
  • PN-EN 10217-2,
  • PN-EN 10217-1,
  • PN-EN 10219-1/2,
  • PN-EN ISO 3183,
  • PN-EN 10224.
  • Regulations CPR 305/2011
  • Pressure Directive 2014/68/UE

The tubes are used in heat and gas engineering, petrochemical and construction industry. The tubes are also used as casing or rebore tubes in transportation infrastructure related investments.
As a part of the completion of deliveries, we offer tubes with corrosion protection.

Directive PED 2014 68 UE + AD 2000 Merkblatt

Dyrektywa PED 2014 68 UE  AD 2000 Merkblatt EN

Certyficate EN ISO 3834-2

Certyfikat EN ISO 3834 EN