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Huta Łabędy S.A. (Łabędy Steelworks, plc.) is nowadays a Capital Group that incorporates four subsidiary companies, employs about 850 persons and capable to achieve steady growth of incomes and a profitable financial result every year – said Mr. Zenon Górniak, Managing Board President and CEO of HUTA ŁABĘDY S.A. during the ceremony of 170th anniversary of the plant foundation and he also outlined past history of the steelworks.

The jubelee of HUTY ŁABĘDY S.A. combined with celebration of the Metallurgist Day started with a minute of silence to commemorate the disaster that took place at one of coal mines operated by Jastrzębska Coal Company (JSW). The celebration was honored by attendance of noble guests, including by Mr. Andrzej Dera, the Chancellor Minister of the President of Poland, Mr. Mariusz Trepka, Deputy Governor of Silesian Province, Mr. Adam Gawęda, Member of the Supreme House of Polish Parliament as well as Ms. Barbara Dziuk and Mr. Jarosław Gonciarz – Members of the Polish Parliament and, last but not least, Mr. Tomasz Heryszek, Deputy of the Managing President for WĘGLOKOKS S.A. Local government of Gliwice was represented by Mr. Andrzej Karasiński, the Secretary of Town Hall. The group of honorable guest included also representatives of academic circles from the Central Mining Institute, AGH University of Science and Technology, Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy, leaders of the Solidarity Trade Union for the Silesian Region and other trade unions of metallurgical industries.
- Łabędy Steelworks, being a 100% Polish company, is one of best plants in the steel processing sector in the country – said Mr. Tomasz Heryszek, Deputy of the Managing President for WĘGLOKOKS S.A., conveying congratulations and best wishes to steelworkers.
The celebration was also accompanied with awarding the Łabędy Steelwork employees with state honors and distinctions. The awards were presented by Mr. Andrzej Dera on behalf of the President of the Republic of Poland. The Gold Cross of Merit for social and charity activities as well as for contribution to development of Polish industry was presented to Mr. Zenon Górniak. Four employees of Łabędy Steelworks, i.e. Mr. Janusz Fedyszyn, Mr. Mieczysław Folek, Mr. Eugeniusz Karbownik and Mr. Norbert Szukała were honored with Gold Medals and other three ones, i.e. Ms. Marzena Allamoda, Mr. Bogusław Lewandowski and Mr. Janusz Szwinc were awarded with Silver Medals for long years of employment as well as for perfect and extremely conscientious services.
President Andrzej Duda, in his letter of congratulations, emphasized the important role of Polish steelworkers and other employees of the steelmaking industry and their contribution to the country.
- Owing to your expertise and competences, your hard work and ability to develop professional interrelationships, which are indispensable for successes even with highly advanced technologies of steel processing, the steelmaking sectors in Poland is continuously vivid and even improves its strength, permanently upgrading its assets and substantially increasing its output over the most recent years. The perfect example for these achievements is Huta Łabędy and modern investments that have recently been completed herein. These achievements drawn up promising prospects for both your company and for the Silesian region as a whole – wrote President Andrzej Duda.

Then persons received medals and honors of the steelmaking sector. All employees, who can boast with more than 45 years of job seniority in steelmaking industry were awarded with special diplomas.
Mr. Zenon Górniak, in his speech delivered to all attendees, outlined past chronicles of the steelworks. The foundation stone for the plant was laid in 1848. Similarly to other factories founded in the Silesian region in the 19th century, also the steelworks in Łabędy could survive and grow in spite of many historical events, such as Silesian Uprisings, plebiscite in the Upper Silesian region and the 1st and 2nd World Wars. After the WWII all equipment was plundered, disassembled and taken away to the East. Since manufacturing shops were left deserted, reconstruction of the plant took long years.
- Since 2011 HUTY ŁABĘDY S.A. is owned by WĘGLOKOKS S.A. with its office in Katowice. The steelmaking branch is one of key components of strategic development of the Węglokoks Group. Nowadays rearrangement of metallurgical assets of the Group is pending and HUTA ŁABĘDY S.A. is an important part of that process. Successful implementation of strategic plans ascertains us that we shall also celebrated subsequent jubilees – added Zenon Górniak.
The official part was followed by artistic performances, splendored by a concert given by the orchestra of Huta Łabędy.

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