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14 sierpnia 1848

Położenie kamienia węgielnego pod budowę Huty

Hermina (zdjęcie Huty Hermina ok. 1860 r.)






For the first time ever in Silesia the electric

lighting was installed at ‘Hermina’ Steelworks

(a lithography of ‘Hermina’ Steelworks from about 1860).




Consecration of the ‘Hermina’ Steelworks standard during celebrations of the 50th anniversary from the plant foundation (nowadays the standard is put on display at the building of the Steelwork Office Building)




Cold rolling mill of steel plates and sheets







Launching production in a newly erected shop of the medium section rolling mill (currently the Rolling Mill Department)




Launching production at the division of General Purpose Rolling Mill.



16th October 1949

The first heat at the open-hearth furnace plant after the World War II.



1st April 1950

The state-owned company ‘Huta Łabędy’ was established




Launching production at the D¬750 rolling mill (breakdown mill) and the D¬650 rolling mill (medium section mill)



July 1953

Excerption of Mechanical Works (currently ‘Bumar Łabędy’ Mechanical Works S.A.) from the structures of ‘Huta Łabędy’.



November 1956

Launching production at the line for bending of arch roof support for mining industry



1st July 1963

Commissioning of the furnace No. 7 with the capacity of 700 tons at the steelmaking shop




Completion of the new office building for ‘Huta Łabędy’.




Completion of the building for the Metallurgical Laboratory (nowadays Ferrostal Łabędy Sp. z o.o.)



18th July 1980

Launching production at the Yoke Department



18th July 1984

Laying the corner stone for erection of a new shop for the Yoke Department.



15th December 1995

Commissioning of a new electric steelmaking shop (nowadays Ferrostal Łabędy Sp. z o.o.)



11th April 1996

‘Huta Łabędy’ is awarded the Quality Certificate according to ISO 9002 standard



1st January 1998

Commercialization of the State Owned Enterprise ‘Huta Łabędy’ and establishing of the new company – ‘HUTA ŁABĘDY S.A’.



1999­ - 2001

Excerption of independent subsidiary companies from the structures of HUTY ŁABĘDY S.A. with incorporating them to the Capital Group ‘HUTY ŁABĘDY S.A.’



September 2009

Completion of the new shop for the Yoke Department



September 2010

Launching production at the Longitudinal Slitting of Steel Plates and Cold-bent Section Department



October 2010

Commissioning of modern facilities for the Metallurgical Laboratory



December 2011

Kompania Węglowa S.A. (Coal Company, plc.) sells shares of ‘HUTA ŁABĘDY S.A.’ to the ‘Węglokoks S.A.’ company.



October 2012

Signing contract for erection of the rolling mill (ERW plant) for API tubes.


Capital Group

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