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The Research Laboratory run by HUTA ŁABĘDY S.A. is one of organizational units subordinated to the Quality Manager. It was established in 2011 as a result of enhances spectrum of offered services that had been limited by that time to non-destructive tests, such as:
-    ultrasonic tests of steel products and welded joints,
-    dye penetration tests,
-    magnetic particle inspection (magnetic tests(,
-    measurements of deep cracks,
-    measurements of coating thickness,
-    hardness measurements with use of a portable hardness tester,
-    hardness measurements with use of a fixed hardness testing machine (all methods),
-    determination of chemical composition by means of the spectrometric method,
-    measurements of length,
-    visual inspection.

The laboratory staff has vast theoretical knowledge and practical expertise with competences confirmed by appropriate certificates.

Tests are carried out with use on up-to-date measurement and diagnostic equipment that enables tests with the highest achievable accuracy. The stock of test equipment includes:
-    ultrasonic flaw detector USM 35,
-    optical spectrometer Spektroport-F,
-    hardness tester MIC-20,
-    fixed hardness testing machine Struers Dura Vision 20

Recently the Research Laboratory enhanced their scope of offered inspection services with destructive tests that can be carried out on machinery and equipment of the cutting edge quality, i.e. machinery from ZWICK ROELL.

We are ready to carry out the following tests and measurements:
-    strength tests (elongation, compression),
-    impact tests (at temperatures down to -20ºC),
-    metallographic investigations (preparation of metallographic microsections and analysis theoreof).

Head of the Laboratory and Nondestructive Testing

Łukasz Krawczyk

tel.: 48 32 234 72 72

Laboratory certificate